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Services Offered by ToxicoGenomica Partners

Every toxic tort case is unique in strategy and budget. In some cases, the risk is high enough to warrant the expense of looking at all available aspects of a genomics defense. In others, counsel may wish to do no more than present an affidavit outlining the correlation between an individual subjects medical and family history and the correlation to research literature regarding the disease being claimed from an exposure. Clients may chose a la carte from an array of services.

Services can be fixed project pricing with defined "stop" gates to end spending when dismissals or settlements occur. Projects can also be based off a retainer with direct cost and hourly billing to give even more flexibility. Below are the services offered by the partners. If you do not see a service listed, please click on the link below and send us an inquiry.

"End to End" Project Management

ToxicoGenomica Partners can review the facts and then developed a targeted solution based on your budget and the desired strength of the genomics case. A project management schedule with decision and funding gates is developed for client approval. The end result is clear visuals, a detailed report of findings, and a copy of ALL biological materials, data and reports for both sides of the case to review.

Case Assessment

Often our team is asked to review one or many cases held by a single plaintiff or defendant and to "bucket" them based on likelihood of an alternative causation to the disease. This has be done as a precursor to a specific case and to evaluate the risk and exposure across a large number of cases.

Screening and Monitoring of Scientific Literature

We can review the medical and family history of the subject, then compare the case to all existing, published and peer reviewed literature to establish a model of understanding for the likely source of disease in that specific individual. Usually this material is presented in the form of a detailed affidavit, but occasional clients have chosen to instead have a short affidavit, then present the material as a expert report.

Development of a Genomics Affidavit

In most cases, a strong affidavit lays out the intentions to study alternative causation using genomics, and serves as the precursor to the biological study. The detail of the affidavit is driven by the strategy being deployed by counsel. At the extreme detail end of the spectrum have been cases where counsel chose to have a shock and awe overview of the entire process and literature review. The production of these detailed affidavits have resulted in dismissal or sudden settlement in cases in which we have been retained.

Full Genome Sequencing and Other Biological Studies

The heart of a genomics case is sequencing of the full genome. In most cases this includes the subject to look at alternative causation. In some cases this also includes looking at the DNA of family members. Often, counsel also desires to have the actual disease (tumor) sequenced for validation and determination of source of tumorgenesis. The ToxicoGenomica team includes ArrayXpress, one of the oldest and most respected genomics research firms in the country.

Explanatory Graphics Development

The ToxicoGenomica team has a strong background in the visualization of bioinformatics data. We have produced videos to be used in court and in mediation, animated slides for conveying the message to judges or juries, and report summaries with easy to understand graphical representations of the data. We make the scientifically supported facts understandable to everyone.

Integration of Legal and Scientific Analysis

One of our unique strengths is multidisciplinary thinking and teamwork including Kirk T. Hartley, a lawyer with deep understanding of molecular science and its use in and application to various civil law issues, Lumanity, an experienced scientific consulting firm, and ArrayXpress, the first company to bring full-service genomics to the legal market. The knowledge held by this team arises from 30+ years of experience in commercial litigation and "mass tort cases," including analysis of many hundreds of papers in medical journals and directly monitoring peer reviewed literature and clinical trial data.

Expert Witness and Fact Witness Consulting

Our team of lawyers, Ph.D. researchers, medical doctors and business people provide all aspects of training and education, through consultative sessions, webinars, onsite training and courtroom testimony.

Development and Execution of Primary Research Studies

The ToxicoGenomica team and our network of University and Government researchers can develop large scale primary studies to develop biomarkers and screening data for specific types of exposure. If the risks are high enough, the return on investment sometimes warrants developing and publishing data directly.