What Is ToxicoGenomica?

A multidisciplinary group of scientists and lawyers created ToxicoGenomica to provide fully integrated services for using genomic and systems biology data in civil litigation, and to help develop and utilize best practices related to the use of such information in civil litigation. Members of ToxicoGenomica have been involved in delivering this type of information in dozens of toxic tort cases around the country, and are dedicated to accelerating the dissemination of information about the applications of genomics and systems biology to issues involving disease causation. We have also have organized and sponsored workshops on the broader topic of the use of genomic information in various aspects of civil law, including case law, statutes, and regulations.


During a career of almost 40 years, Kirk Hartley has represented a wide range of plaintiffs and defendants in commercial and tort cases. Representing plaintiffs, Kirk achieved multiple favorable verdicts, with total financial recoveries well in excess of $300 million. Representing defendants, Kirk achieved favorable verdicts avoiding losses with financial values well in excess of $700 million. In 2011, Kirk Hartley created the Law Science Policy law firm to focus on the increasing intersections between molecular science and civil law issues. Hartley’s other endeavors include serving for a decade as an unpaid director for Triage Cancer, a 501(c)(3) entity focused on educating a wide range of professionals, patients and caregivers on the legal rights of persons during and after cancer. In 2008, he created GlobalTort, a blog focused on intersections between various areas of law and/or science, including the increasing intersections between molecular science and civil litigation


ArrayXpress, Inc.

ArrayXpress’ investigational genetics and genomics studies are designed to work hand in glove with epidemiological, toxicological, medical, and environmental data to help determine causation. Genetics and genomics data can often indicate whether exposure and resulting DNA damage did or did not occur due to a particular toxicant, as well as, show the individual’s genetic predisposition through familial inheritance to a particular disease or disorder. ArrayXpress has had a long track record of working with pharmaceutical companies, energy companies, agriculture companies and many other product producers since 2002.



With deep experience in medical, commercial, and regulatory affairs, Lumanity transforms data and information into real-world insights and evidence that powers successful commercialization and empowers patients, providers, payers, and regulators to take timely and decisive action. Our scientists, regulatory strategists, and consultants provide a wide range of fully integrated services to industry and counsel to support services for litigation and product stewardship involving complex scientific or medical issues. We provide strategic consulting services designed to ensure that counsel and corporations are prepared and knowledgeable on scientific and technical issues relevant to their case.