Litigators Guide to a Genomic Defense

The Litigator’s Guide to Using Genomics in a Toxic Tort Case

Genomics is a proven and reliable quantitative tool that has dramatically improved cancer treatment, established the practice of personalized medicine, and brought binary clarity to paternity and criminal cases. Genomics is now transforming how civil toxic tort cases are adjudicated.

We have hit a tipping point where, instead of merely relying on population-based epidemiological studies, we are augmenting with personalized information about an individual to displace qualitative theories with binary facts.

Compiled by the experts at ToxicoGenomica, this white paper provides an introduction to genomic concepts as well as detailed descriptions of four legal cases that illustrate the use of genomics in toxic tort litigation.

Here is a sample of what you will find inside this 17 page white paper:

  • What is a gene?

  • Types of genetic variation

  • Evolution of genetic sequencing technology

  • Genetic variant identification

  • Comparing genes: From one to thousands to whole genome analysis

  • Legal admissibility and discovery of genetic information

  • Four cases studies that illustrate genomics in toxic tort litigation



Download a complimentary copy of our white paper: The Litigator’s Guide to Using Genomics in a Toxic Tort Case

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