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Perrin Conferences Presents: Cutting-Edge Issues in Asbestos Litigation

Kirk Hartley of ToxicoGenomica will cover the topic of the continually increasing value of genomic analysis to evaluate mesothelioma causation at the upcoming Perrin Conference on Cutting-Edge Issues in Asbestos Litigation. As part of a panel on genetics and science, Kirk will discuss important new papers with data showing the increasing findings of genomic drivers of mesotheliomas. One portion […]

Perrin Conferences Present: Key Developments – Genomics in Mesothelioma

Complimentary CLE Webinar Thursday, December 1st, 2022 1:30-2:45 ET Click Here For More Information and to Register This webinar will focus on the latest cases, the most recent science and publications, and the evolving applications and cost of deployment of the science of genomics to understanding the causes of cancer. MEET THE SPEAKERS • Kirk […]

Findings from new ALS genetics study could change courtroom arguments

Stakeholders involved in toxic tort litigation involving Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) will want to understand the implications of a recent study that identified previously unknown genetic factors involved in the development of this disease. The authors explained that the results are notable for multiple reasons, including “reveal[ing] genetic variants that protect against ALS by reducing […]

Federal MDL Judge Issues Lone Pine Order Requiring Precise Form of Genetic Testing for 1,700 Mass Tort Claims

The well-known life sciences legal expert Jim Beck published a blog post this week covering a recent toxic tort case that included a very precise use of genetic evidence. In the publication, Mr. Beck describes a recent instance of a federal MDL judge issuing a Lone Pine order that compels plaintiffs to provide genomic data […]

ToxicoGenomica at Perrin Conference 2022: Cancer Causation in Toxic Tort Cases

The recent Perrin Conference on Cutting-Edge Issues in Asbestos Litigation (March 7 and 8, 2022) included a panel on the very cutting edge topic of using genetic sequencing data in litigation involving mesotheliomas and other cancers. Our Kirk Hartley presented and covered a wide range of topics at some of the many intersections between science […]

Using Genomic Analyses in High Value Situations [Slides for Download]

At our recent conference Genomic Analysis in Tort Cases, the last panel of the conference focused on uses for genomics in “high value” settings, including a further focus on uses in cancer cluster cases and medical monitoring cases. Panelists discussed by genomics may represent the best defense in a cancer cluster case, and Kirk Hartley provided a […]

Graphical Illustration of the Difference Between Genetic Susceptibility and Predisposition [Slides for Download]

At our recent conference Genomic Analysis in Tort Cases, one of the panels focused primarily on communicating genomic issues to juries and judges, including extensive slides and comments from Magna Legal on communicating the concepts of genetic predisposition and “susceptibility” to cancer, where the defense often seeks to make genetic predisposition arguments and plaintiffs often […]

Genomic Causation Analyses for Claims Involving Environmental Pollution, Pathogen Tracking and Cancer Clusters [Slides for Download]

At our recent conference Genomic Analysis in Tort Cases, panelists presented examples of results in “environmental cases” in which genomic analyses was used to provide objective evidence to trace sources of exposure and dispersal, and uses of genomic analyses for cancer cluster cases. The panel provided the perspective that genomics are well-suited to the injuries […]

The Process of Using Genomic Analysis in Cases AKA: The nuts and bolts of processes, time and costs [Slides for Download]

At our recent conference Genomic Analysis in Tort Cases, Michael Zapata III and Leonel van Zyl, PhD provided an in depth review and analysis of the nuts and bolts for using genomic analysis in legal cases. Michael and Dr. van Zyl explained their systematic and gated methodology for helping clients considering whether a genomic approach […]

Use of Genomics in Medical Cases (Birth Defects, Malpractice, Drugs) [Slides for Download]

At our recent conference Genomic Analysis in Tort Cases, panelists addressed the use of genomics in medical cases (birth defects, malpractice, drugs). The panel was composed of an attorney, a medical doctor, and a genetic scientist. Dr. van Zyl, the genetic scientist, provided insightful information as to why individual genetic variability matters, including for Absorption, […]