Using Genomic Analyses in High Value Situations [Slides for Download]

At our recent conference Genomic Analysis in Tort Cases, the last panel of the conference focused on uses for genomics in “high value” settings, including a further focus on uses in cancer cluster cases and medical monitoring cases. Panelists discussed by genomics may represent the best defense in a cancer cluster case, and Kirk Hartley provided a nice wrap up of the conference with some big picture thoughts including a review of some new and evolving genomic tools that provide value for specific situations and phenotypes.

The slides from this panel can be downloaded by completing the form below. Panelists included Susan E. Brice, Esq. (Nijman Franzetti LLP, Chicago, IL), Kirk T. Hartley, Esq. (ToxicoGenomica, Chicago, IL), and John M. Kalas, Esq. (Hollingsworth LLP, Washington, DC).


Using Genomic Analyses in High Value Situations

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