Perrin Conferences Present: Key Developments – Genomics in Mesothelioma

Complimentary CLE Webinar Thursday, December 1st, 2022 1:30-2:45 ET

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This webinar will focus on the latest cases, the most recent science and publications, and the evolving applications and cost of deployment of the science of genomics to understanding the causes of cancer.


Kirk T. Hartley, Principal at LSP Group and ToxicoGenomica

Leonel van Zyl, PhD., ToxicoGenomica, CEO , ArrayXpress Inc.

Michael Zapata III, Executive Chairman, ArrayXpress Inc. and Protochips Inc.


Key Litigation Developments

• Genomic Data Increasingly Found in Medical Records

• Dr. Testa’s Recent Concessions Regarding Genomics and Mesothelioma

• Concessions that Some BAP1 Mutations Can by Themselves Cause Mesotheliomas and Other Cancers

• Developments Regarding Courts Rejecting Some of the “Privacy” Arguments Advanced in Mesothelioma Cases

• New and Pending Developments in Alameda County Regarding Regarding “Privacy” and Genetic Testing

Key Scientific Developments

• Key Points from Carbone 2022 on BAP1 Null Variants

• Examples of Null BAP1 Variants in Mesotheliomas

• Roles of BAP1 Protein

• Tissue Specific Effects Can Explain the Resulting Cancer(s)

Key Applications and Uses of Genomic Data

• Differences Between WGS and WES

• Understanding the Limits of Gene Panels

• Uses of Both Somatic and Germline Mutation Data

• Applications Extending Beyond Mesothelioma


ToxicoGenomica is a multidisciplinary group of scientists and lawyers whose mission is to provide fully integrated services for using genomics and systems biology data in civil litigation. Members of the ToxicoGenomica team have been involved in delivering this type of information in toxic tort cases and are dedicated to accelerating the dissemination of information about the applications of genomics and systems biology to issues involving disease causation.


ToxicoGenomica recently presented at the National Asbestos Litigation Conference held in Charleston, South Carolina on September 14-15, 2022. The title of the session was Recent Information on Genomics and Mesothelioma and the slides are available for download below.


Slides from Perrin Conference Presentation September 2022: Recent Information on Genomics and Mesothelioma

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