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The Meso Gene [Download ACI Presentations]

The ongoing revolution in genomic science is having an impact on many facets of modern life, including toxic tort litigation. This point was apparent at the recently held American Conference Institute’s 23rd National Forum on Asbestos Claims & Litigation (May 21-23, 2018) in Chicago, where we presented in a session titled “The Meso Gene.” In […]

The Litigator’s Guide to Using Genomics in a Toxic Tort Case

Genomics is a proven and reliable quantitative tool that has dramatically improved cancer treatment, established the practice of personalized medicine, and brought binary clarity to paternity and criminal cases. Genomics is now transforming how civil toxic tort cases are adjudicated. We have hit a tipping point where, instead of merely relying on population-based epidemiological studies, […]

Monitoring the Gut With a Pill

Today’s advances in science provide some insights into tomorrow’s science and implications for litigation.  Consider, for example, the possible implications of a “gut monitoring” pill that can be swallowed and will then send out wireless data regarding conditions encountered. As of today, the pill picture above is a real world example of such a pill. […]

Seeing is Believing – CRISPR “Cameras” and the Future of Toxic Tort Claims

Seeing is believing. And seeing into the future can be highly important for tort lawyers.  Accordingly, persons involved in manufacturing and/or the litigation industry will be well served by looking ahead to new scientific advancements that will arrive sooner than most would expect. Consider the role of seeing in many “simple” tort cases. In some […]