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Genetic Analysis in Toxic Tort Litigation is on the Rise

More professionals are speaking about the reality that analysis of genomic variables is an increasing part of toxic tort litigation. For example, genetic analysis in toxic tort litigation was addressed by Lisa L. Oberg of Dentons during the March 7-8, 2018 Perrin Conference on Cutting Edge Issues in Asbestos Litigation. Ms. Oberg is a defense trial lawyer with a national level role in toxic tort litigation, including asbestos litigation. Her talk was entitled “Genetic Mutations in Cancer Causation.“ Among other genes mentioned in the limited time available, Ms. Oberg touched on TP53, ALK, EGFR and BAP1. As she noted, that’s a good starter list, but only scratches the surface of the genes relevant to understanding the development of mesotheliomas, lung cancers and other cancers.

In upcoming posts, we’ll be writing about different mutations that are known to drive different cancers. We’ll also discuss how to recognize the right cases for a genomic defense.