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Genetic Risk Factors in Toxic Tort Cases Involving Ovarian Cancer

Hundreds of lawsuits have been filed making claims that talcum powder causes ovarian cancer, and several cases have gone to verdict, with some wins by each side. Remarkably, however, the vast majority of the testimony in these cases is about epidemiologic findings, with little or no mention of the role of genetics as the underlying […]

Protein-Based Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs): Using Proteomics to Assess Drug Safety

Each year, adverse drug events cost millions of dollars in hospital admissions, injuries to patients, and malpractice. And companies spend billions of dollars on litigation involving allegations that their drugs caused adverse drug reactions (ADRs). What if there was a better way to determine individualized drug adverse events? Welcome to the Age of Proteomics The […]

5 Toxic Tort Cases Where Genomic Science Was Successfully Applied

To avoid needless ethical and/or legal disputes and to avoid wasting time and money, it’s important to think about genomic issues early on in a case. It’s also useful to look across sets of cases to get a clearer understanding of how genomics can provide an effective strategy. In general, it’s desirable and cost-effective to […]

ToxicoGenomica: Visualizing the Invisible

Causation is often the key to toxic tort cases. The issues can be especially difficult if a would-be plaintiff has developed a “signature” disease typically associated with a “toxin,” but the evidence of exposure is thin. That type of fact pattern can create…