Using Genomic Analyses in Tort Cases: Free Registration [Virtual Conference]

ToxicoGenomica is proud to be hosting the Perrin Conference [virtual] on Genomic Analysis in Tort Cases. The virtual event will take place on May 26, 2021, from 10:00 AM ET – 4:30 PM ET and registration is complimentary.

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We thank and recognize the conference sponsors:

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Maron Marvel – National Litigation Law Firm, Trial Attorneys

The conference will feature a variety of distinguished genomic litigation experts and jury trial consulting experts, including Dr. Len van Zyl, Ph.D., Kirk Hartley, Esq., and David H. Schwartz, Ph.D. of Innovative Science Solutions, Inc., as panelists who will provide examples and learnings from their experience working on different types of legal actions in which genomic data and analyses have been used.

Because the use of genomic strategies in the courtroom involves communicating quantitative data and scientific principles to judges and juries, effective communication techniques are paramount to success. Therefore, the selected panelists and litigation consulting experts will provide insights on the power of using genomic data and scientific principles to explain why a particular person presented with injuries (i.e., phenotypes) that cannot be explained by “black box” epidemiology alone. 

An overview of the conference panels is provided below (also set forth in the agenda available on the registration link). 

  • Panel 1 will address the use of genomics in product liability and/or premises cases involving exposures to toxicants, including asbestos, benzene and radiation. 
  • Panel 2 will address cases involving issues such as birth defects, medical malpractice and individual variability in the metabolism of drugs and chemicals. 
  • Panel 3 will explain the big picture of the processes and methods involved in using genomic analysis in actual cases. 
  • Panel 4 will present example of “environmental cases” in which genomic analyses have been used to provide objective evidence to trace sources of exposure and dispersal, and will briefly touch on uses of genomic analyses for cancer cluster cases. 
  • Panel 5 will focus on communicating genomic issues to juries and judges; among other things, jury consulting experts will provide some thoughts on communicating the messages. 
  • Panel 6 will focus on use of genomics in “high value” settings, including a further focus on cancer cluster cases and medical monitoring cases, with some discussion of some of the draft statutes that are pending regarding PFAS and other chemicals. 
  • An extended Q & A session will close out the day. 

You may also contact Bethany Corio (bcorio@perrinconferences.com) regarding any questions about registration. The conference will be approved for CLE credit.