Genomic Evidence Essential to Asbestos and Talc Cases: Dr. Len van Zyl Presents at Perrin National Conference

On September 9, Dr. Len van Zyl of ToxicoGenomica presented at Perrin Conferences’ National Asbestos Litigation Conference at the Fairmont San Francisco Hotel. The conference was greatly attended, and attendees were provided with key information on the trends that are currently driving asbestos litigation and the impact these trends may have on future cases.

Dr. van Zyl participated on a panel that discussed important new emerging science relevant to the use genomic data in the defense of asbestos and talc cases. His presentation was titled Diagnosis and Pathogenesis of Mesothelioma and he discussed many relevant topics for attorneys considering whether genomics may help their case(s). Some of the topics included: What genomic analysis can add to litigation, privacy arguments do not defeat genetic testing, the basics of genetic testing for litigation (who, what, where, how), and examples of plaintiff and defense arguments regarding cancer. In his talk, and again in the Q&A, Dr. van Zyl stressed the general rule that 5-15% of all cancers are caused solely by genomics, and that mesotheliomas are no exception to the general rule.

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