The Time for Genomic Analyses in Asbestos Cases is Now

Expert testimony involving genetic findings is more and more common in asbestos litigation. Recent studies published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature have evaluated a variety of genetic factors (e.g., inherited genetic mutations, micro-RNA, gene expression profiles, and epigenetic factors) in people with and without asbestos exposure. Investigators have found evidence to support the fact that not all mesothelioma was caused by asbestos, but sometimes instead by inherited genetic factors. Knock-out mouse studies now provide incontrovertible evidence that mesothelioma can be caused by specific germline (inherited) genetic mutations.

As literature on these scientific studies continues to emerge, more and more science-based explanations will be available in legal cases where asbestos exposure is absent or questionable. We at ToxicoGenomica have written about genetic science and its application to toxic tort cases for a number of years.

As increasing number of your colleagues use genetic data in the defense of their asbestos docket are you ready to utilize these techniques with your experts? Join us on July 17th for a presentation by Dr. Len van Zyl at the Perrin Mid-Atlantic Asbestos Conference where he will be discussing this important new emerging science on The Science & Medicine of Genetic Testing in Malignancy Cases panel.


Download a complimentary copy of our white paper: The Litigator’s Guide to Using Genomics in a Toxic Tort Case.

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