Webinar – Legal and Ethical Challenges in Mesothelioma Cases Involving Young People

For first of its kind new data related to the growing number of lawsuits involving young people with mesothelioma, please join next week’s Perrin webinar: Legal and Ethical Challenges in Young Mesothelioma Cases. One key fact is the cases often involve people who have medical histories that include a range of benign tumors, cysts, cancers and/or other inherited conditions that were observed and/or treated before before age 60, and often before age 40 or even younger. Another key fact is that family members often have developed non-cancer conditions and/or cancers that are recognized by experts as falling within related “constellations” of inherited diseases. Our panel will present commentary on how those and other key facts are related to discovery and trial of these cases, including explaining why it is important to really understand medical conditions and records going back to birth, or earlier. The webinar is right after Labor Day – Wednesday the 9th at 2 EST.